Temporary cooling solutions & structures for EMP-protected spaces 

We offer expert solutions for both cooling and the most demanding interference-protected structures. Through decades of experience in the backup power industry, we are also able to offer consulting for backup power planning.

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Is your cooling system faulty or do you need additional capacity?

We specialize in implementing temporary cooling solutions. Typically, temporary solutions are used when a building or production plant's own cooling system has broken down or capacity limitations are causing production restrictions. We have tens of megawatts of cooling equipment for both space and process cooling. Our equipment is extremely quick to connect and put into operation.


  • Increasing industrial cooling capacity when warm river water causes production restrictions 
  • Increasing the industrial cooling capacity when the power of the condensing coolers is not enough 
  • Increasing the cooling capacity of the warehouse
  • Implementation of temporary cold storage
  • Cooling of electrical or server space
  • Implementation of a temporary ice rink

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We are the official importer and dealer of ICS Cool Energy's cooling equipment.



We deliver EMP and HPM protection level structures on a turnkey basis

In the interference protection structures we deliver, the interference protection shell is made either welded or with a precise element solution that ensures fast installation. An appropriate filter is used for all feedthroughs; e.g. honeycomb structure or perforated plate as needed.

All approved and commonly used door manufacturers in Finland work as a door solution.

We mainly use EPCOS filters for passing electrical and other cables. One of the many advantages of the EPCOS filter is the durability of the main current filters, which avoids e.g. from interference sensitivity problems caused by parallel installed filters.

We manufacture interference-protected structures for all applications, including backup power machine applications. 

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We deliver the components of EMP and HPM protection level structures as equipment deliveries

EPCOS filters for interference protection of both control currents and power supplies meet and even exceed the requirements of valid standards.

The solutions for seals and protection of liquid lines and air connections guarantee a high damping level in all conditions. ​

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